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Week of August 22, 2016

Work for weeks of 8/22/16, 8/29/16, 9/5/16, and 9/12/16 will include:

  • Reservoir: Crews continue to work on miscellaneous cleanup items on the exterior of the reservoir. Railings and security fencing are being installed. Final finishes on the ADA access ramp and rain gardens on the south side of the reservoir are nearing completion. Railings and guardrail for the ADA ramp are expected to be complete by 9/2/16.
  • Pump Station: Final cleanup work of the interior and exterior, including miscellaneous other items slated for correction, is expected to be complete by 9/12/16.
  • Landscaping / Site work: Paving is expected to be completed on 8/23/16 and 8/24/16. Placement of concrete is complete except for some small appurtenances. Site grading will be completed the week of 8/29/16. Irrigation installation is nearly complete. Site landscaping which includes planting is expected to be done starting 8/24/16. The picnic shelter and playground surfacing are complete.
  • NOTE: The contractor anticipates working on site again the next 2 Saturdays in order to finish up with the site work in a timely manner. Saturday work hours are from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. No work will be done on Labor Day – 9/5/16. Final completion of the project is expected the week of 9/12/16.