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Week of April 18, 2016

4/20/16: Special Note: As many are aware, on Monday 4/18/16 around 8:30 am there was a power line struck by one of the trucks leaving the site which caused a power outage and internet or communication outage in the area. Crews from PGE, Century Link, and Comcast have been on site to repair the broken pole and to re-establish power and communication lines. Crews are still working diligently to have this repaired. If you have any questions please contact Nick Augustus with TVWD at 971-327-6292.

Work for weeks of 4/18/16, 4/25/16 and 5/2/16 will include:

  • Reservoir: The contractor is continuing to test the reservoir for potential leaks, and inject any wall cracks that are seen to be visually leaking. The contractor has begun backfilling the south side of the reservoir. Crews intend to work Saturday 4/23/16 in order to backfill the reservoir in a timely manner. Crews will continue to install reservoir access hatches and to correct minor flaws in the concrete.
  • Pump Station: Crews continue to install exterior architectural items such as roofing, windows, and siding, and are working to complete interior painting and other mechanical, plumbing, and electrical work. Exterior painting is anticipated to begin the week of 5/2/16.
  • Pipeline & Utility Work: The in-street / off-site pipe work is complete with the exception of final testing of the waterline. Utility work will continue on-site / within the park the next couple of weeks and includes construction of sanitary sewer piping, storm water piping, site power conduit, and other utility conduits. The final waterline connection to the pump station is expected to be complete the week of 4/25/16.
  • Landscaping / Site work: Crews are working to place miscellaneous concrete curbs and other features on the site. Site grading and backfill of the infiltration planter walls will begin the week of 4/18/16. Crews have removed the majority of the invasive species within the vegetated corridor as required. Tree and other vegetation planting will occur once irrigation is installed on-site.